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Miele washing machine models
Front loaders
These front-loading washing machines are particularly easy to load and operate. Thanks to the many different installation options (stacked, built-under, etc.), these appliances can be positioned in most spaces.
This appliance combines a high-quality, well-equipped front-loading appliance with a condenser dryer. Ideal for discerning people with little available space.
The tumble drying systems from Miele
Heat-pump dryers
Miele heat-pump tumble dryers offer the same convenience and flexibility as a conventional condenser dryer but are particularly economical as they use up to 50% less electricity.
Condenser dryer
The condenser dryer enables flexibility of installation because only a power socket is required for connection. The moist air is not vented into the atmosphere, but instead cooled down in a closed air circuit, condensing the moisture.
Features depend on model