The perfect partner for Miele cooking appliances

Compact - 10 cm high, 60 cm wide
Accessory drawers and crockery warming drawers are available in this size from Miele. A perfect combination with a 35 cm compact appliance such as a Miele coffee machine or a Miele steam oven. Fits perfectly in a 45 cm high niche.
Classic - 14 cm high, 60 cm wide
Gourmet warming drawers are available in medium height. They can be perfectly combined with a 45 cm compact appliance, such as a Miele coffee machine, steam oven, steam combination oven, or microwave combination oven. A 60 cm niche can be used to its best advantage. To enable you to install these drawers with various appliance designs, Miele has developed different designs to integrate perfectly into your cabinetry.
Extra large - 29 cm high, 60 cm wide
The 29 cm high built-in gourmet warming drawer, the largest drawer from Miele, is also suitable for pre-heating crockery. It teams up perfectly with a conventional 60 cm high oven in an 88 cm niche. This drawer size is also available in two designs to ensure a uniform appearance in your kitchen.
Features depend on model