Steam Ovens

All product benefits at a glance - Steam Ovens

Gourmet versatility

Proving dough 

Soft and light: this all-rounder even helps you master dough – it proves beautifully at 40 °C. 


As if freshly cooked: reheat dishes from the previous day perfectly at 80–100 °C in minutes 

Sterilising jars 

Perfectly prepared: glass jars can be sterilised thoroughly for fruit preserves. 

Sous-vide cooking 

Pure pleasure: meat, vegetables or fruit cooked in a vacuum for the ultimate taste sensation.

Fish and seafood

Healthy food straight from the sea: fish and seafood cooked to perfection, retaining their flavour and texture.

Extracting juice 

Transform any fruit into a delicious juice or jelly: steam ensures particularly gentle juice extraction. 


Skinning made simple: tomatoes, nectarines and almonds can be skinned in just 1 to 4 minutes in the steam oven. 


Nature at its best: gentle cooking in the steam oven retains flavour and is also very healthy. 


Creamy or clear – all sorts of soups can be made as a tasty starter. 


Gentle on frozen food: defrost any frozen food gently at around 60 °C in ideal conditions.


Ideal preparation: blanch fruit or vegetables to maintain their quality and freshness. 

Heating hand towels 

Like a restaurant experience: serve your guests hand towels warmed in the steam oven. 


Fresher for longer: preserving fruit and vegetables is a breeze in the steam oven. 


Juicy and succulent: meat from the steam oven has an impressive, intense flavour.

Side dishes 

Always to hand: potatoes, rice and pasta go well with any dish and are extremely nutritious. 

Melting chocolate 

Sweet temptation: at 90 °C, chocolate melts without forming clumps or burning – perfect for cakes or biscuits. 

Boiled eggs 

Soft, medium or hard? Cook your breakfast egg to perfection in minutes at 100 °C 

Making yoghurt 

Completely homemade: create your very own yoghurt in a 40 °C steam oven in just 5 hours. 

Disinfecting baby bottles 

Bacteria-free in just 15 minutes: quick and uncomplicated disinfection of baby bottles at 100 °C. 


Save the best for last: you can prepare desserts in a variety of ways with the steam oven.

Oven cabinets

Stainless steel oven compartment 

Professional features 
Exclusively for press. cooker

High-quality and easy to clean: our steam ovens all have a stainless steel oven compartment. 

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External steam generation 

The benefits of external steam 

Steam generation outside the oven compartment prevents limescale residues and ensures easy cleaning.

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Special features

Quantity-independent cooking 

Different quantities, same cooking duration 

Always the same time: 100 g or 1 kg – the cooking time for the food stays the same. 

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